I have always been a MUSIC LOVER, it's in my blood, I breathe Music.

I grew up listening some different style, from Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix, from disco to Dance Music...
I've always been influenced by RnB and Hip-Hop but my real "emotional choc" was when I was listening to Daft Punk for the first time. The following French touch age was such a revelation!

Since then, I consider myself as a deep Music lover, really attracted by electronic Music, this is something I can't really explain. My fellows will understand me, this world is far more positive than the one we are in now. 
Happy Music shares good vibes only and is universal, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are coming from, you are welcome!

I have true respect for artists and DJs and I want to hear more from them, small or famous, it doesn't matter, I want to hear what they have to share...LOVE.


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