mercredi 17 août 2016

5 YouTube videos that changed my life

5 inspiring videos you have to watch 


Last year, I wrote a successful post on my blog: 

I started to learn more about personal development and law of attraction 
and it changed my life.
So I shared the videos which changed my life and open my mind to help other people.

After a lot of positive feedback, one friend asked me to sum up in a video.
There you go! This is 5 videos that changed my life and will certainly change yours !

I hope this video will help you too because this is really powerful !
Every time, we feel down, we should watch this.

1) Tony Robbins - "Why people don't do what they are supposed to do to succeed' :

2) Anthony Nevo - Eloignez vous du TROUPEAU et commencez à VIVRE:

3) David Laroche - LA CLÉ ULTIME DE LA RÉUSSITE ! :

4) Evan Carmichael - Eminem Success Story - Lose Yourself :

5) Jim Carrey introduces Eckhart Tolle :

About The Cookie's room TV:
My friend call me Cookie for some reasons...
I am a French writer and YouTuber living in London who helps artists and designers and entrepreneurs.

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[ A propos de The Cookie's room TV:
Mes amis m'appellent Cookie pour certaines raisons...
Je suis une blogueuse bilingue vivant a Londres et j'aide des createurs, artistes, DJs et entrepreneurs a montrer leurs talents.C'EST POSSIBLE DE REALISER VOS REVES!

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