lundi 25 juillet 2016

#Brexit ? We are London !

Londoners react to the Brexit

One month ago already, Britain decided to leave Europe.
I can't lie, we were all really sad of this decision. When I mean "we', I mean all the 'immigrates" or "expatriates" like me.
A lot of people like us couldn't believe this would happen.

I needed to share and speak to my friends coming from all around the world that day. People have to know we all felt rejected.
It's an human and logical reaction.

Even if, I understand some British people were "fed up" with Europe, I still think being "fed up" is not an answer and I am still scared of this choice as we don't really know the consequences for us in the future now.

I don't want to get too "personal" but if you reed this you have to know I really did a lot of sacrifices to stay in this country: a lot of British people took advantage of my situation when I arrived and I lost a lot, trust me...
But, I am not the kind of person who give up easily!

I don't know what I am gonna do yet as I have a lot of projects in my life, in London or maybe in the world.
I am a dreamer and an ambitious person so are these people in this video BELOW.

I absolutely don't want to do any politic on my channel.
However, I think this my role, as a positive media to show who are the "immigrates" living in London, to stop stigmatization.
That's the only positive message I want to share here.

Sabrina is managing a full-time job plus her beautiful passion and brand like me. Alessandro is a brilliant YouTube manager for a big channel, Alba is a positive teacher, Alisha a stunning music journalist, Cristina a great Fashion designer and Meza is a multi-tasked entrepreneur!

Just to let you know, some of my friends were away so couldn't come. I am thinking especially about Naveen, my Indian friend who is an expert as an informatician and speak more than 4 languages.

The British media should have done this before: showing you the reality of "immigrants" like us: We pay taxes, we often don't use the NHS (especially when our social security is better in our country. In my case, for instance, when I have my big health problems, I pay 100 pounds to see a French doctor in the UK) and we often don't say anything when people are looking down on us.
When we arrived, we were struggling a lot and it's still the case sometimes.
London is amazing but it's really expensive and finding a flat here when you have just arrived is horrible!

Anyway, I only wanted to express myself with my friends firstly.
But then, the day after the Brexit, when I saw the positive message of the Mayor of London saying "Thank you, London is opened", I decided I had to do something positive.
I decided to turn this negative event and feeling into something positive the day after the Brexit.
So, I did the best I could, I contacted people who were not British and allowed them to show how smart and brilliant they were!
I realised I was surrounded by stunning people!

This shooting was done more than 2 weeks ago, before all the videos the Mayor of London is sharing these days, and I am glad to see his fight for London now.

I hope you will enjoy this simple and positive video which has only one goal: showing you who are the Londoners.

I hope we can all be TOGETHER. #WEARELONDON


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