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"Acceptable in the 80 s"

Get the London Fashion Look in the 1980s
and go to Victoria and Albert museum !
#Calvin Harris
Everything in Fashion reminds us that the eighties are not dead. Stars and designers are still inspired by this rich time and exhibitions deals about this creative decade.
How to get the look? Like every fashion, there is some good and bad points. 
Keep the good onesYou can get with fingerless gloves, big necklaces big earrings and bracelets and bows in your hair like Madonna.

This fashion started up again a few years ago with singers like Lady Gaga or stars as Taylor Momsen using dark and "punk" jacket in a sexy way.

Boys and Girls can wear black sunglasses like the blues brothers, in a cool style. Everybody has seen the rise of wayfarer last years..
You can also wear legging and use a lot of color. We saw the comeback of the 80s with the colorblock.

At the opposite, Inspire you with big designers of the time like Yves Saint Laurent by wearing dark suit.

A lot of designers are inspired again by big shoulder pad for boys and girls as we could see with Balmain...

Thats why you should go to the major exhibition LONDON FASHION IN THE 1980s!  It's still available!

All the trends and the details are explained in this exhibition in Victoria and Albert Museum in London. There is more than 85 outfits by designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood the Punk Queen.
It also deals about the influence of the streetstyle and the club on catwalks. People did fashion and this exhibition should inspire you. Its available until next February. Full every weekend! Book at least 4 days before your venue.

After the famous David Bowie exhibition , you are now able to inspire you of this artistic period ,the exhibition “Club to Catwalk, London Fashion in the 80s” is available until the 16th of February 2014. It's full every weekend so run, run, run and get the look!

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