lundi 30 septembre 2013

" I Only Want You To Love Me'

Miles Aldridge 's exhibition at Somerset House, London.
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Miles Who?

From the 10 th July to 29 th September 2013, the beautiful exhibition of Miles Aldridge " I only want you to love me" (one famous picture), the English photographer was available at Somerset house ,one of the best place in London for Fashion culture.
It was a major retrospective of this real genius with some of his published work including pictures from Vogue Italia..
Indeed, he has published his work in many influential magazines like American Vogue, Numéro, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Coinciding with the publication of Rizzoli's book, this exhibition shows drawings, polaroids magazines and pictures of the artist.

His influences are various : Hitchcock, Fellini, Edward Hopper and of course Wharol.
His style is close to Richard Avedon, an another great photographer.

Women and colour are Aldridge’s obsessions.   His main work is filled with glamorous ,beautiful women and unhappy housewives.
On the wall of the exhibition, we could see some quotations and his explanation to his passion. According to him, his woman understanding come from his mother and his taste for colourul pictures from his father.

Beauty and the mad world

His world made me think about a strange Alice in Modernland. My eyes were really attracted by these colours and I was curious to catch the meaning of these pictures.
This is a technicolour dream world but also a sad one where we see women's blank expressions. It makes a real contrast which reveals a deeper sense.
He understands quite well desperate women and distress. The life of Bree Van De Kamp versus the sexy Gabrielle Solis!
In his work, women are very sexy but sometimes scary. It can be shocking at the first impression but it is also a view of human condition.

It deals about suffering, subjects with commercialization, superficiality in our modern world.
His contemporary style shows us a weird beauty and also the dark side od the human being. His work is not only a great entertainment , it deserve attention and even introspection...

Nice weekend

Somerset House is beautiful and often full so I strongly advise you to book first, there is a lot of nice and new exhibitions coming! By a sunny Sunday , it was very pleasant. Moreover, you can eat outside on the terrace with fresh Italian food and wine: delicious!


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